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We are the local movers you can rely on! If you want to make your next move stress-free, we are here for you. Moving into or out of a home can be a big deal. You can move yourself but items may get broken and even worse could strain your muscles or get hurt. Depending on the size of the move, it is advised to use professional movers if you are moving more than 20 miles away and have heavy items or a lot of boxes.

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Affordable Lakewood Movers – Best Tips

Moving is a complex job that needs to be managed properly. We understand this and offer a variety of services, including commercial and residential moving. See our services page for more information.

How To Move A House With Lakewood Moving Services

You can call Pryme Local Moving to make a free, no-obligation quote if you are moving to or from Lakewood. Then again, maybe you are not moving your house at all. Instead, you are moving to an empty house. We can provide you with a wide range of services to ensure that your move goes smoothly and easily.

Pryme Local Moving is a local moving company that can help you with all your moving needs. Our timely, respectful, and efficient movers will help you with the packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of your items. If you need a seamless move and want the best movers, call us. Place your home and moving needs in our capable hands.

Lakewood Commercial and Office Moving Services

If you are moving your business, you can trust Lakewood Movers to help you move your items from your old location to your new location. We are specially trained to handle moving sensitive items such as computers and other delicate technology. We are one of the best office and business moving services in Lakewood.

Moving a business location can be a very complex operation. You must keep in mind that a move must be made in a timely manner, so you do not have to sacrifice your revenue. We have all the resources you need to relocate your business efficiently.

Our Lakewood movers are experienced, trained, and capable of moving any items safely. We handle all details of the move so that you may focus on keeping your business running.

Lakewood Moving Company

Pryme Local Moving is renowned as one of the best moving companies in the area for commercial moves. We are known for being extremely quick and efficient, and our staff is trained to help you with the move. If you need a commercial move, contact us today. A commercial move requires a lot of preparation. You need to ensure that you have everything in order so that you can continue to generate revenue.

Our Pryme local movers are trained in all the local moving skills you will need for your move. We are efficient, knowledgeable, and timely.

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How To Hire A Professional Senior Moving Service

Senior moving is a very difficult transition and one that many seniors are facing. Our senior moving services strive to make this difficult transition as easy and smooth as possible.

Our Lakewood senior move company works with seniors on a more personal level than other moving companies. We care for our seniors and understand their needs and we do this in order to provide the best possible service for our clients. We offer discounted prices to our seniors because we know how much they value their belongings and how much they need to save on the move.

Labor Only Work

We offer labor-only moving services. If you are looking to hire movers, we will be available to help you load and unload your belongings only. This is an amazing service for those who cannot lift heavy furniture and boxes themselves. We also supply the basic moving equipment (dollies, tools, pads, and cushions) necessary for loading your belongings.

Packing Services – The Advantages

If you are looking for packing services for your Lakewood clients, we can provide this service on a separate day from moving services.

Lakewood Moving Company

If you are interested in our Lakewood apartment moving services, contact our office or visit our Moving Services page for more information.

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